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                  Reading- 15-25 page PDF Birth Chart Reading-

 If you’re considering a reading from YourScorpioPrincess Astrology, do it!!  You won’t be disappointed!  I’ve had other natal chart readings done in the past, and while I was expecting some variation of the things I’ve heard before, I was completely blown away by the reading I received from YourScorpioPrincess, from the style of the reading to the content. Totally unique!  She told me things that no other astrologer has told me before.  As it turns out, I have not one, but two pretty rare and unique aspects in my chart that I’m still learning about. I don’t know that I would have ever discovered this if not for YourScorpioPrincess. Highly recommend!!!

                                                 Barbara Adkins

        Birth Chart Reading and 2019 Scorpio Forecast 

I recently ordered my birth chart reading and 2019 forecast and I was truly amazed and surprised. I have been following her on insta for nearly an year now and always found her updates very detailed and effective. Therefore was thinking of ordering the birth chart reading for some time. Finally I came around and did it in December through website were she also had the 2019 forecast. By now I have received both and the forecast is around 60 pages and my birth chart reading is around 20 pages.Both of them are very detail and precise. I was very impressed by the uniqueness of the content and how she covered every aspect. She precisely provided all the important dates and events that will happen through out the year. If any one wants to understand themselves better I would highly recommend YourScorpioPrincess!

                                             -Sumit Bhardwa

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