My Journey

I am inspired by own personal healing journey to assist others and this is my earth mission. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my guidance help peoples lives. I want every single soul in the world to experience happiness. 

I have been practicing Astrology for over 11 years and founded my website in 2018. I now have 500 pages of my own content, but this is just the beginning. I plan to keep writing content about many different parts of Astrology such as sign placements, Saturn Returns, The in and outs of Astrology and literally every thing more. 

I will have many healing practices as well as keep traveling through my studies. No mater what I do Astrology will always be the forefront of my healing and it will always hold a near and dear place in my heart. 

What makes me a different astrologer is the fact that I have a vast knowledge of the practice in many different areas and my drive for helping mankind reach a greater state of enlightenment. I truly care about helping each and every person who orders from me in whatever their unique way entails. 

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