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How to maximize your potential through astrology

Many people are just becoming aware of  the endless possibilities through the use of astrology. Astrology to not only a tool to better understand the self but also making the most of what is currently going on around you. Not many are yet familiar with transit readings. A transit reading is when one looks at upcoming planetary shifts to better know what is coming and how to navigate to your highest potential with the current star patterns. This reading has been used to help people maximize their potentials since the earliest of times.

To this day well known people are using this great tool to maximize their potentials. Astrology is truly where it's at I have included just a few people who are aware of the limitless potential and who have capitalized on this tool. As you will come to see astrology can not only be used to know your inner self but also to know how to capitalize on making the right decisions in your life catered to your needs specially.

Albert Einstein called the stars, "the illuminating body or knowledge" while the father of medicine Hippocrates stated no doctor had any right to call himself a doctor unless he was also an astrologer. Jp Morgan used astrologer to make himself a billionaire while Nancy Reagan used to it to protect her and her husband after the first attempted assassination as well as know what to do for the country when Ronald was in poor health.  Carl Jung also who used them in his therapy session to maximized potential to help. For More info on this check out Astrology The Basics in the shop. 

Today it is still used by people such as Angelina Jolie who uses this tool to know when her planets are in the best positions for when she shoots her movies and stock brokers hire me to let them know the best and worst times for the market. 

It Is recommend to get your stars looked at once a month at least. Upon doing this you can literally maximize anything you are involved in. You can be ahead of the game and be informed of what is coming up for the month. This can be used to help know when you should go for that promotion, the best time of month down to the day of when to start your new business, the best abundance area for you personally of the month, the theme of your month, if you have anything planed how to maximize, If you need to make a decision which one will be best and so much more. To invest in myself as your personal astrologer is to invest in your future and in you unlocking your highest potential of self.