About Me

My goal is to help mankind reach a greater state of enlightenment. I do this through the use of astrology.


I have been helping people for over 11 years through the use of astrology and it is my upmost passion in life. Through my journey of studying astrology for nine hours a day for over 11 years all across the globe I began to picked up on things I noticed no one has ever touched on. As I started to formatting my own content I soon realized I am able to help people in a greater way. Seeing the way I could help people inspired me to quit all of my jobs and become a full time astrologer/healer. I have never looked back.

Today I have over 600 pages of my own content and have developed a truly unique style I am able to call my own. I have over 500 clients and serve my earth purpose of helping people through astrology each and everyday. My life is completely decided to my work and my goal is to keep doing soul work and creating content for people to help them understand the self as well as keep reaching a greater state of enlightenment. 

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